Zachary Fine

Video Roundtable: Mark Rylance

A few weeks ago I gathered a group of friends together to chat. For months now I’ve had virtually the same conversation with each of my friends in the theater. The conversations all revolved around Mark Rylance and the fact that we’d become intoxicated with his audaciously brilliant work. A trend or pattern began emerging around these conversations: Rylance’s performances in “La Bete” and “Boeing-Boeing” and “Jerusalem” had sparked something deep in the marrow of our actor bones.

We’ve each in our own way been inspired by his work. Moreover we’ve been inspired to investigate further what we are all capable of as artists. For us, Rylance’s work has become a testament to our collective hopes for a more courageous theater to work and play in. Thanks for tuning in.

(Video by Emma Tammi)